Prices for Bay Area homes higher than last year, despite pandemic restrictions. Reason behind this pricing is fueling quick sales and a robust market, on average a newly listed home in Bay Area get sold in 21 days. In county like Alameda & Santa Clara price jumped 6-7% than previous 2019, specially for single-family homes.

After pandemic you will see a sharp jump in house pricing in Silicon Valley. Since the late 1990s real estate has been a goldmine for investors. Why is it so ? reason is tech boom! companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and more growing companies. These all brought millions of jobs and wealth to the area.

Why it’s great time to buy ? because you are not buying at the high, instead you are buying when prices are already down by 5% – 15%, depending on the area. When comparing with 1Q2018 prices.

Is buying a home in bay area worth it ? still thinking !!

Where I should buy my new home ?

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